"Cooking with Bigfoot" is currently in hibernation and will probably stay that way unless some daring TV network or Internet investor jump-starts it.

For the record, though, "Cooking With Bigfoot" was an experiment in independent web content creation, mostly conducted in 2001 and 2002.

Like many such ventures, it found an audience but not a business model, and so, as the money ran out, it slowly ground to a halt.

If Bigfoot creator G. Beato ever strikes it rich, he may resurrect it. If not, these episodes remain.

Thanks to animator Todd Gallina, versatile voice talent Colin Mahan, sound man Henry Kyburg, theme song singer and voice talent Liz Pisco, voice talent Beth Lisick, and all the fans who supported the show.

All inquiries, business and otherwise, should be directed to gbeato -at- soundbitten.com.

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