(Cooking with Bigfoot features adult themes,
cartoon violence, and profanity. Discretion advised.)

Howard Spurned (Part 4): Weatherman extraordinaire Al Roker sees a bright, sunny future for the newest member of Hollywood's Bald Mafia, Bigfoot. (TK MB)

Howard Spurned (Part 3): With his career destroyed, Bigfoot seeks solace from Andy Richter...until Andy learns Bigfoot's shameful secret. (1.1 MB)

Howard Spurned (Part 2): Howard Stern vows to ruin Bigfoot's career. (1.1 MB)

Howard Spurned (Part 1): Bigfoot picks the wrong woman to have an acrobatic, three-way balling session with. (1.5 MB)

God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 3): Things look bleak for Bigfoot, but then salvation arrives in the form of the much-coveted Conway Twitty song catalog. (1.3 MB)

God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 2): Bigfoot's new cologne and Michael Jackson's face-like thing make a volatile combination... (1.1 MB)

God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 1): After one too many cooking-show controversies, public sentiment turns against Bigfoot and the ugly specter of anti-Sasquatchism raises its head. (1.01 MB)

Footylicious: Is teen-pop Svengali Lou Pearlman ready for Bigfoot's jelly? Watch and find out! (1.11 MB)

The Hairy Gourmet: A tender melodrama about love, food preparation, and man-fur. Guest star Robin Williams has never been hairier. (1.34 MB)

Bake Stuff: Part 2: It's an old-school fruitcake showdown between Eminem and Fred Durst, with a special appearance by Aunt Jemima. Second part: Fruitcake freestyles from Fred, Aunt Jemima, and Eminem. (1.5 MB)

Bake Stuff: Part 1: It's an old-school fruitcake showdown between Eminem and Fred Durst, with a special appearance by Aunt Jemima. First part: Eminem explains the five elements of hip-hop to Bigfoot. (1.2 MB)

Garbage In, Garbage Ouch: Knuckle-headed kitchen stunts with Johnny Knoxville. Do not try this at home. (797K)

Cooks With Jello: A heartwarming Thanksgiving celebration with authentic Native American chief Cooks With Jello. (1.06 MB)

Frankenfood: Kids love candy, but why not give them something healthier this Halloween, like genetically modified fruit? (1.05 MB)

Hemp-a-Roni: Want some meat-free, dairy-free, easy-to-make meal ideas? Fantastic vegan actor Woody Harrelson can help. (910K)

Cheap Throat: When porn star Anita Burymore visits the show, Bigfoot learns an important lesson about kitchen safety. (737K)

Eros and Andy: Who wouldn't want to nail sexy blonde TV personality Andy Richter? (780K)

Jennacide: Jenna Bush shares her daddy's favorite
recipe -- country-fried chicken, Texas-style. (766K)

Rare Jordan: Michael Jordan just wants to cook braised lamb shank with huckleberry coulis. Bigfoot just wants to talk about snatch, cocaine, and gambling. (715K)

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