- Don't Try This At Home Videos!

Soundbitten: Essays and articles by CWB creator G. Beato. More animation from CWB animator Todd Gallina.

Dancing Monica: Our favorite source of (clothed) celebrity fotos.

Dean's Planet: White rappers, pranks, Stern stuff, and more...

The Schmews: Real foreign news: boring. Fake foreign news: funny!

The Toque: The Canadian leader in Canadian satire.

Fark: News. Community. Boobies.

Camp Chaos: Home of "Napster Bad" and much, much more.

Hollywood Pulse: The latest entertainment news with a dose of satire. Foto-funnies about Bush and beer.

Cheese Wars: Action-packed Camembert.

Angry Naked Pat: An online series from writer Brian Lynch.

Texas Bigfoot Research Center: Think Bigfoot is a shaggy loner from the Northwest, like Kurt Cobain? Think again.

Broken Newz: When news breaks, Broken Newz fixes it. Text-based Pong (Bigfoot's favorite game), anti-antism, tips for the annoying, more...

Floating in Sequence: Music columns by Bigfoot supporter, Dan Sonnier.

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